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New York 2018

If you follow me on any of my social media channels, you will probably know that I went to New York at the end of January with my lovely mum, and I seriously fell in love with the city. I'm already planning my next trip as there were so many more things we wanted to see and do!

Before going to New York, I researched where we needed to go and what we needed to see. But I also wanted to discover some of the less well-known places too. A guide I found really helpful was this one - by one of my favourite bloggers Em Sheldon. She has been numerous times and was actually there the same time as us, so we followed a lot of her recommendations.

New York is such a big city and there are so many different areas to explore. We were staying in Midtown which is very near Times Square. We stayed at the Distrikt Hotel which was around a 4-minute walk to the main Times Square/Broadway area. We had everything we needed and the staff were so helpful with local knowledge and if we needed to book anything. I would really recommend staying around here for your first visit as it just has everything around it.

I thought I would put together a post on what we did, where we ate and what I wore, to hopefully help anyone who is going to New York with some recommendations, as well as for anyone who is interested in what we got up to!

Things to do

Top of the Rock

The pictures just do not do that view justice. It was completely breathtaking when we got to the top as you can literally see the whole of New York. Luckily the day we went up was so clear and we could see for miles!

There are a few tall buildings you can go up to see the view of New York such as the Empire State and the One World Observatory but we loved the Rockafeller building. There are also so many gorgeous shops in the bottom of it, including "Sugarfina" which was the poshest sweet shop I've ever seen!

Shopping on 5th Avenue

5th Avenue is full of amazing stores, including many flagship stores for brands such as Gucci, MAC, Apple and Tiffany's. You could quite literally spend all day here.

We visited the SIX story Tiffany's store and it was what dreams are made of! The building was built specifically for Tiffany's and it is just perfect. We admired the unattainable £3,000 silver baby spoons and "Everyday items" such as Tiffany table tennis rackets?? on the 3rd floor, then we headed to the 6th floor where you can get your jewellery serviced for free - My earrings came back looking brand new!

Grand Central Terminal

After seeing Grand Central on so many films, I had to see it for myself. It is incredible. The ceiling is so beautiful and I definitely wouldn't mind if I had to pass through every day on my commute.

I wasn't convinced the "whispering spot" was actually a real thing until we tried it for ourselves, but you can genuinely hear whatever the other person has whispered in the corner on the other side!

There is also a food market within Grand Central which has so many amazing stalls selling anything from fresh bread, to sushi, to fresh pasta!

Hop on Hop off bus

When you get anywhere near Times Square, there are so many people who sell various "Hop on, Hop off" bus tickets. We paid around $59 for a 4 day pass. There are loops that cover Uptown, Downtown and also night tours which take you around the Brooklyn area.

We used the bus to go Uptown as well as Downtown and we found it useful as we could just hop off whenever. I think it is a good thing to have access to when you are getting your bearings as you don't have to get off at all and it is probably cheaper than a taxi!

Central Park

Central Park is so much bigger than I thought it was! We hired bikes and cycled the 6 miles around it, stopping off for a picture in front of the huge lake in the middle. The views are so amazing and it is such a lovely place to visit.


The Soho area was one of my favourite places we visited in New York, it is a lot less commercialised than Times Square and has lots of quirky and interesting places/buildings.

The shops are amazing and there is a huge Bloomingdales too!

We also visited the Glossier Showroom in Soho which is a penthouse suite that has been turned into the most amazing showroom for you to try all the products and purchase any if you want to.

Times Square

Times Square is definitely worth a visit. There is so much to see and it has a real buzz about it. The hundreds of billboards are amazing to see, especially at night. 

You can also find hundreds of restaurants, shops and supermarkets all around Times Square. As well as the stand for discounted Broadway Tickets.

Places to eat

Ellen's Stardust Diner

This was one of my favourite evenings we had in New York. Ellen's Stardust Diner is a traditional American Diner, except the staff are all Actors and Actresses who are either aspiring to be on Broadway or already have. Many of them have actually played main parts in Broadway but once the shows finish, they are out of a job, so they work here inbetween. As you are eating they burst into song and it really is so magical. We had to wait around 25-30 mins for a table at 5:30pm and the queue looked even longer as the night went on, so I would definitely recommend going earlier to avoid huge waiting times!

The food and cocktails are so good, they are pretty pricey and they do expect you to tip the singers too so do bare this in mind when deciding to go.

Juniors - Times Square

We ate at Junior's on the first morning and it was very much a traditional American Diner too. The pancakes were SO good and filled me up for the whole day!

They also had so many cakes on display which looked AMAZING, I'm still kicking myself for not trying a New York Cheesecake whilst we were there!

Junior's is on Times Square so it is perfect if you stay near by.

Tavern on the Green

Tavern on the Green was recommended to us before we went to New York. It is in Central Park so we decided to pop in and have a drink after our bike ride.

The food and drinks are very expensive but it is a lovely place to go, and it is beautiful inside!

By Chloe - Soho

By Chloe was one of my favourite places we went to. It was a 100% Vegan fast food restaurant. We stumbled across it after we couldn't get into "Jack's Wife Freida" and I'm so glad we ended up there! I had the avocado on toast with fried chickpeas on top, and mum had a Tuna Nicoise salad (The Tuna was made out of chickpeas!!), she didn't even realise it wasn't proper Tuna until she read the ingredients!


There are Pick-a-Bagels all over New York, you HAVE to go there for breakfast one day. The bagels and the choice of fillings was unreal. I think I would quite happily eat here every morning if we had one near by.

Dean & Deluca

Finally, we found the most amazing Deli a 2-minute walk from our hotel, which we ate at twice (It was SO good!). There were so many homemade options and hand-rolled sushi. I would definitely recommend for breakfast or lunch. 

Writing this blog post has made me want to go back to New York more than I already did! It is definitely one of those places you just have to go to, it is just as amazing as you'd expect it to be. 

I really hope this post has been helpful to anyone who is planning a visit to New York!
It was definitely one of my favourite places I've ever been. 

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read! 
Becci x

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