Tuesday, 4 October 2016

September Beauty Favourites

How is it October already?! I seriously can't believe how fast this year is going, but I do love Autumn/Winter, especially as my birthday is in November. I have put together a post on all my favourite beauty buys this month. I am usually so un-experimental with makeup and tend to stick to the same thing but I have really been trying to use new things recently, and I am loving them!

I have been trying out some new makeup from a company I have only recently heard of - Sleek. From what I've tried, I'm seriously impressed. I purchased two i-divine palettes, one called "Oh So Special" and one called "A New Day". The range of colours is amazing, there are 22 palettes to choose from! 

I chose this palette as more of an every day one, as I have blue eyes, browns really suit me. There are also some nude colours in the palette which I like to use as a base before I apply a darker colour. The pigments are beautiful and there is a good mixture of both shimmery and matte eyeshadows.

I bought this palette for when I go out as I usually do a heavier look. I fell in love with the pinks and purples in this palette, there are also two chrome colours which shimmer a different colour in the light! I've not been adventurous enough to use the black and darker browns but I will try to experiment with them soon. 

I also love how each colour has a name, it's a lovely extra detail. I bought these palettes from Boots when they were doing 2 for £12 on all sleek makeup, but they are usually only £8.99 each anyway. I currently have my eye on their highlighter and contour palettes which have the most amazing colours in!

I bought the Urban Decay "Weightless Ultra Definition" Liquid Foundation earlier this year in duty free and I was really impressed with it, it is really light but gives great coverage. When the new "All Nighter" Liquid Foundation came out I had to try it, this one is a lot heavier than the previous one I had tried, but it really does live up to it's name and lasts me all day! The colours are slightly different and it looks a lot lighter in the bottle than it does on your face. I really like how it looks but it is slightly heavy for me everyday, so I think I will go back to using the "Weightless Ultra Definition" and use the "All Nighter" for when I go out. I also purchased their foundation brush to apply it with, as I don't usually tend to use a brush to apply foundation, but it makes such a difference!

Finally, I ordered this highlight from Pretty Little Thing, to make my order enough for free delivery (ha!), it was only £3! But I am so glad I did because it's now my favourite highlighter! It is a really lovely colour and shimmers so nicely in the light. I use it to highlight my brows and cheeks, it gives my face that nice glow and it's not too glittery. I really want to try some more of the Technic range as they are so affordable, yet really good quality! 

What are your beauty favourite at the moment?
Have you tried any of these too?

Becci x

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  1. How are you getting on with the UD All nighter foundation? I've heard such amazing things about it - really thinking about trying it out :-) Those sleek palettes look insane too!!

    Sincerely Sarah xx

    1. I love it! Only thing is, its a little thick for me for every day! And the girl on the counter has given me one slightly too dark so I only really wear it when I go out!
      Ah the sleek palettes are just amazing!