Monday, 29 August 2016

How to..Become a mystery shopper

I have always wondered how you become a "Mystery Shopper", I thought it was one of those types of jobs that you could only get into if you knew someone in the industry or if you were approached to do it.

I have come across so many websites that claim you can become a mystery shopper but they all seem to just be out to get your details, and you never get anything from them.

This was, until I found Market Force. It is a genuine website where you can go and complete assignments, and they will reimburse you a certain amount and also pay you on top. Sometimes it is only £3 or £4 but you can be reimbursed £20 or £30! It's basically a free meal or date night, which will save you money.

You can filter the assignments so it only shows the ones near you, it tells you how much you get paid, how much you will be reimbursed and what you will need to do to complete the assignment.

We went to AMF bowling in Shrewsbury for an assignment and we were reimbursed £20 then paid £7. This meant we had a game of bowling, food and drink for about £3!

The assignments are not difficult, it is just a case of noting your surroundings. You then have to fill in a questionnaire when you have completed the assignment to give feedback on your experience, it really is that easy. 

It's really simple to sign up - 

I really hope this post benefits some of you, I just wanted to pass this amazing opportunity on!
Let me know if you sign up!
Becci x

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