Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Beauty Buys - July/August

I have put together some of my favourite products I have added to my beauty collection over the past month. I love anything to do with beauty and I'm always looking for new things to try out. I feel like you can never have too many nude lipsticks, and mermaid-inspired GHDs are always a winner in my book.

Last month, NYX finally came to Shrewsbury! This is very exciting as the closest place to get NYX makeup was Birmingham. I hadn't tried any of these products before, so I was really looking forward to getting some. I love the gorgeous colours and different variations NYX have, and their prices are really reasonable too.

I bought some lip products as I had heard really good reviews about them. I love nude/pink and very rarely deviate from this.

The retractable lip liner goes on beautifully, it doesn't feel too thick and lines the lip perfectly. Unfortunately, the colour I chose is too dark for me, but it's still a lovely product.

I really love the colours of the soft matte lip creams and I had heard/seen so much about them. I chose shade "Cairo" which is so beautiful. Oh, and did I mention they smell like vanilla?! They go on really nicely and then go matte. I usually don't like a matte finish as I find it dries my lips too much but I actually really liked this one.

Finally, the butter gloss is another lovely lip product. I haven't worn lip gloss in well over a year, but the likes of Kylie Jenner have meant that they are making a come back. Although I still don't really enjoy the stickiness of lip glosses, I do love the way they look and this colour is one of my favourites.


I bought my new GHDs in World Duty Free at Birmingham airport. They are the new platinum stylers in the style "marine allure". My old GHDs were about 3 years old and would have kept going a lot longer but I just couldn't walk past these ones. The colour is amazing, and changes in the light.

These stylers are a lot better suited to me than my old ones. I find that I get a much smoother finish and they are also a lot easier to curl my hair with as they have a rounded edge. 

I have tried to find a link to these on the GHD website but can only see the white version. This colour may have been exclusive to airports or a limited edition.

Bondi Sands Tan

Anyone who knows me, knows I love a tan! I have tried so many fake tans over the past few years and there are only a few which I will use now. Bondi sands is a brand that never seems to let me down and gives me a golden, streak-free tan every time. I love fake tan but sometimes I just don't have time to apply it over night and I find it can dry out my skin. Bondi sands have created a tan that combats both these problems. Their new gradual, tanning foam body moisturiser is the dream! I can apply it in a morning, and it develops throughout the day. It also doesn't have that horrible biscuit smell! I would recommend this to anyone as an every day tanner to keep that golden glow all year round.

Threads Lashes

Finally I want to mention quickly that I was recently given three sets of these gorgeous lashes to review. They each have a different name; "Red Cherri", "Rock Chic" and "Emiloo". I will be doing a blog post with different make up looks soon, so please look out for that one!

What is your best beauty buy this month?
Thanks for reading!
Becci x


  1. I really wanna invest in some GHD's! I actually don't own any and never have! Are they as good as everyone says? I have quite damaged hair so I try to refrain from lots of heat styling but it's always nice to have a good hair straighteners/curlers on a night out!

    1. They are the only straighteners I will use! They are the most powerful and I find that they give me the smoothest and long lasting finish! I would defo recommend these! :-)

  2. Hey Becci, I'm loving your blog so much! Where did you get that thing that says 'beauty buys'? xx

    1. Hi Rhianna! Thank you so much! It was from ASOS! This is the link.. xx