Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Pink is the New Black

Thigh High and Knee High boots have been so popular over the last couple of years, but they have really dominated this Winter. I've had flat pairs in the past but I had never been brave enough to go for a heeled pair, I think this is mainly due to my height as I tend to tower over people in heels, which makes me a little self conscious! 

Pink is definitely going to be a top trend for Spring/Summer with Blush pinks and nudes already popping up in most high street shops! 

My lovely boyfriend bought me this Public Desire pair for Christmas and I love experimenting with the styling of them. I was originally inspired by Lydia Millen who is a blogger I have followed for a while, and I just adore her style. She has a pair of Stewart Weitzman boots that she wears and I think look AMAZING every time! As a student, I definitely can't justify nearly £700 on a pair of boots but I think these PD ones are just as lovely!


Saturday, 11 February 2017

Look Fantastic Beauty Advent Calendar 2016

I've always loved the 1st December, mainly because that means it's acceptable to have chocolate every morning leading up to Christmas Day. More recently, different brands have been bringing out the most amazing advent calendars! And the products inside, are even better than chocolate! 

In 2015, I had the Benefit 12 days of Christmas advent calendar which was so lovely and contained miniature Benefit products.

I had seen the Look Fantastic Calendar advertised in 2015 but it was completely sold out, so when I saw it advertised again in 2016, I just had to have it (the fact it was rose gold may have swayed me a little too). I signed up to be on the list for pre-order and it arrived in early November, the temptation to just open it there and then was very high!
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