Sunday, 10 February 2019

Gousto Recipe Box - Review

Gousto is a weekly food box that you can have delivered 7 days a week with 2, 3 or 4 recipes for either 2 or 4 people. You pick from 30 recipes online and then they send you all the ingredients you need, as well as the recipe cards with step-by-step instructions. I was originally referred to Gousto by my best friend after her family had tried it and she said how good it was, by using a referral code we got 60% off our first box and 30% off subsequent boxes for the first month!
Wednesday, 23 January 2019

How to combat dry skin in the colder months

As soon as the weather starts to get colder, my skin instantly knows. I have always had dry/combination skin, but the mixture of cold weather outside and hot radiators inside really dehydrates my skin, leaving it even drier and irritable. It is so important to look after your skin as it is the main base on which you apply your makeup. Investing in a good skincare routine is so important before spending money on expensive makeup, as if you don't have a good base to work with, your makeup will not sit well no matter how good it is.

I wanted to share the products and treatments that have helped to keep my skin refreshed and glowy, to help anyone who also suffers from dry skin in the colder months.
Monday, 29 October 2018

Let's talk about Instagram..

Whether you use it or not, pretty much everyone has heard of Instagram. It has a crazy 700 million active users every single month, making it up there as one of the most popular and influential social media platforms around today.

I have been using Instagram for around 7 years now and it has definitely changed a lot since then. I used to upload a photo with a ridiculous filter and a caption that had taken me 2 seconds to think up! I hadn’t heard of people making money from Instagram, let alone full-time social media influencers.

After writing my dissertation on the influence of social media, I have become even more aware of the impact social media platforms can have on people and it is something I have definitely experienced myself.
Wednesday, 19 September 2018

The shaving subscription box every girl needs - with Friction Free Shaving

I have used Friction Free Shaving since 2016 and it has transformed my skin and the way I shave for the better. You may have read my first post about this subscription box back in 2016, fast forward two years and I am still religiously using the service and they now have new products too! So, I thought now would be a good time to do an updated post all about Friction Free and I am so excited to be working in collaboration with them on this post. 
Sunday, 8 July 2018

My Holiday Essentials

Well, Summer has definitely arrived! It has been so nice to see the sun shining for more than 3 days at a time! And leaving the house without a jacket and getting my Summer clothes out has been lovely! We are heading to Mallorca next week for 10 days and I am so excited to just switch off for a while, I feel as though I haven't stopped since finishing university! 

I went to Mallorca last year and it is such a beautiful island, so I am very happy to be going back this year! I have been getting little bits for the holiday each month so I wanted to write a post all about the essentials I take with me on holiday. 
Friday, 8 June 2018

My New Favourite Bra - with UpBra

I was recently contacted by a company called UpBra, who have designed revolutionary bras that not only push your boobs up, they actually give me a clevage (this is a big deal okay!). The technology is different to any other bras I have seen and they come all the way from California.

I have never been blessed in the boob department,  I've spent years being super conscious of them and finding it really hard to shop for bikinis and dresses. But we can't change the body parts we were given (well except if you have £5000, haha) so I'm learning to live with my smaller boobs and I'm trying to embrace them!
Friday, 23 March 2018

Microblading - My Experience

Like a lot of girls from the "thin eyebrow" generation, I am not and never have been blessed with big, beautifully shaped natural eyebrows other girls have. I would spend 20 minutes in a morning fighting with my eyebrows to make them look like they were at least from the same family, which usually ended up with me wiping them off three times or giving up completely. 

I had seen more and more people getting their eyebrows microbladed and I was so scared as they are a lot more permanent than simply waxing and tinting them, and I wanted to make sure I chose the right person to do them. I was also fearful of the whole process as I didn't really know how it all worked and how they healed, and most of all, I was scared of the pain!

Luckily, my usual brow/lash lady Vikki started doing Microblading earlier this year, and I already trusted her with my brows so I decided to go for it, and I'm SO glad I did!

I thought I would put together a blog post all about my own experience, to help anyone who is thinking about having this procedure done!